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    Would Your 15-Year Old Go Home or Be Arrested?

    Recently, the 15-year old daughter of one our members was riding home from a youth church event. There were two other passengers under 16 in the car with her and the driver was 18 years old. The driver was pulled over and had a small amount of marijuana in his possession. The officer proceeded to arrest the driver and other kids in the car.

    The daughter of our member asked if she could call her father and was told no. She then asked if she could call her attorney (because she carries a LegalShield card with her at all times) and the officer chuckled at her and said, “Of course”. She was the only one of those kids that wasn’t arrested that night because she exercised her legal rights. 

    Sometimes kids unknowingly get themselves into situations that are not their doing. That call to her attorney took place on a Sunday evening. $17 a month is a small price to pay for that kind of peace of mind. That’s why I LOVE LegalShield and think everyone should protect themselves and their family with it. To find out more about it visit: 

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